Anti drone system

Secure your airspace

Neutralize hazards with a click

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Heat map

Aeroscope Heat map shows the areas with most drone activity on specific date.

Accurate flight

Gives an accurate flight statistical

reports from any given time.

Route display

With the route display you can see in real time, drone and drone operator activity.


Portable Unit

providing convenient drone-monitoring solutions for emergencies and wherever stationary units are not available.


Backstage Management System & SDK

 comprehensive and convenient system for enterprises to monitor drones and help make the public airspace safer.


Application Scenarios


DRONE ARMOR services is reflected by technology, necessity, and progress in the new world of aerial threats.

we specialize in investing and cooperating with the best manufactures of defense systems out there to provide our clients with the best protection to their assets.

the new world brings new threats

we posses the technology to make our future safer.

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how do we keep our self one step ahead of the competitions?

Our research department is scanning all corners of the globe in an objective to obtain the most recent and afficient technologies of drone detection security.

Now you can supervise a fully automated novel security system in real time From any location on the ground.

Our main goal as a drone defence company is to present you with the absolute most effective uncompromising tools to detect main threats.

demand overall security, and defend your most valuable assets.




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